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Akinya Khalfani
Founder & Chair               

As Founder of the firm, Khalfani has acquired extensive education and experience in the field of urban planning and design.  A
graduate of the University of Michigan (B.A.) and Wayne State University (M.U.P.), Khalfani was certified in Retail Planning for Cities,
Villages and Townships at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  His experiences include years of working in the
areas of community & economic development, transportation planning, housing development and recreation planning while
working for regional government, major city and state government.  He has worked for and with numerous private planning and
architectural firms prior to founding Central Place Planning Professionals, LLC.

The firm has also re-designed new communities in older abandoned areas to revitalize neighborhoods, as well as transforming
once rural greenspaces into contemporary housing developments.  Currently, the firm is experiencing its greatest growth in the
area of urban development consultation in the Eastern and Southern Regions of the United States.  This has been primarily due to
the experiences acquired through working in the older industrial Midwest and overcoming the obstacles attributed to developing
in that environment.

As leader of the firm, Mr. Khalfani has solicited the best and most qualified urban planners, urban designers and social engineers
to assure firm’s success.  Khalfani has under his direction a host of urban planning professionals, urban designers, GIS
Specialists, architects, student interns and others contributing to the firm’s success.
Established in 2002, Central Place Planning Professionals, LLC is a non-
traditional urban planning and consultation firm.  Over the past few years, CP3
has acquired valuable industry knowledge that allows the firm to continue to
experience success in a variety of challenging environments.  In August of 2002,
CP3 was a single office operation in Detroit, Michigan, but today CP3 has
emerged with new partners to expand the services offered to you.  

As of 2012, CP3 moved its' headquarters to Las Vegas to accommodate for the
growth in talent and be closer to the new opportunities in that region.  The firm
keeps it's presence in the Midwest, East Coast and Southern regions, but as we
celebrate our first decade of service, we invite you to share the experience and
join our team in assisting the growth of the many challenges offered in our time.  
The firm believes it owes its’ success to the level of professional services
afforded the clients that have shown confidence in CP3’s abilities to meet the
challenges presented.  

As urban planners, CP3 holds strong to the idea of improving and creating
communities in which people are able to live, work and thrive.  As Place-makers,
we are dedicated to the design and development of areas that reflect the
essence of New Urban themes and concepts.  With these principles in mind, our
firm is committed to bestow all clients with a exceptional professional planning