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Years ago, the brilliant planner/urbanist, Walter Christaller, set in motion a theory to study the development of urban areas.  His theory was called
the “Central Place Theory”.  In essence, the theory demonstrated how places developed according to their proximity to resources; creating
destinations or places.  We at Central Place Planning Professionals, LLC (CP3) are truly grateful to Mr. Christaller for his foundation setting theory;
for we believe he was correct in focusing on the urban areas as the foundation for contemporary living in developed countries.

Central Place Planning Professionals, LLC (CP3) is closing in on a decade of business and the journey has been rewarding.  Thanks to our clients,
we have found our niche; planning and design.  Having a client list that has been diverse, CP3 has been fortunate to have working relationships with
developers, lending institutions, small industrial corporations, real estate investment firms, retailers, private & charter schools, religious institutions
and non-profit organizations.  As a result of these experiences, our firm has developed a methodological approach to the provision of quality
professional services; we would like to offer these services to you.
What is Urban Planning and Why We Need It?

As a profession, urban planning is somewhat new.  As a matter of developing places to live for large
groups of people, it has been with human beings since the first groups of settlements were established.  In
essence, Urban Planning is how we all live.  It impacts our lives every second of every day.  In the past,
urban planning was a matter of proximity to resources like rivers, forests and environmental climate.  Our
modern planning process is impacted by technology, but the process is relatively the same.  Everything
from the location of your grocery store to the sound of airplanes passing over you.  Urban planning is the
reason your favorite coffee shop is located close to your favorite bookstore.  When planning and design
are done correctly, communities flourish and thrive.  When urban planning and design are neglected or
done poorly, communities fail and become havens for disinvestment, crime and population loss.

We at CP3 believe in "planning" and the ability of urban planning and design transforming all "places" into
desirable spaces in which people can live, work and play.

For these reasons, we welcome you to contact us for a free initial consultation to complete your dream

  • City failing and traditional strategies unable to address your crisis?  Talk to Us.
  • Just took a buy-out from the corporation? Let CP3 help you define your dream into a reality
  • Want to build that community conference center for the church? Contact CP3 today
  • Family own land, but has NO idea what to do with it? CP3 can help.

We are waiting to hear from you with that exciting new idea.

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