As an urban planning and design firm, we are interested in what makes cities successful and
not-successful.  The following questions are designed to solicit input from citizens within
communities without political reprisal or favor.

Our intent is to gather vital information to improve the Communities in which we work, live and spend
leisure time.  We are not looking for politically correct answers, but honest input from you as an
individual and collectively as a community.

The results from these surveys will be compiled, published and shared with other research entities,
media outlets and governmental agencies.  We hope many will listen, because we believe modern
citizens will BE HEARD!!!

Our first survey will focus on a general evaluation of the
Living Conditions within your area.
Survey #1
1)  Are you satisfied with the Living
Conditions within your City?  YES or NO
Please Explain
2)  What is your opinion of the Political
Leadership within your city?
3)  Tell us the five (5) things most important
to your quality of life.
4)  Is the employment situation within your
area improving or declining?  
What supports your answer?
5)  How would you rate the primary
Educational System in your city?

Please Explain, if needed.
6)  In terms of transportation, how
would you rate the accessibility of the
streets and freeways?
7)  How would you rate your public
transit system?

Please give supporting information for
your answer
8)  How Safe Is Your Community?

Explain what makes it safe or how it
could be improved.
9)  In 50 words or less, what would you
like to see developed in your area?

(i.e. Movie Theater, Restaurant, New
Schools. etc...)
10)  What would you like to see covered
in future Surveys?
11)  Are you interested in participating
in public forums or think-tanks to
discuss and develop strategies to
address any of the issues mentioned

If YES, check the box.
12)  Please indicate the Group you are
MOST interested in participating?
Tell Us About Yourself: (Optional)
How Did You Find Out About This Survey?
Thank You For Your Participation
Wants To Know How You View Your
Please Indicate the area from which you
are responding